” China’s Reproachful Game ” – June 17, 2020.

          About 3500 km along the India-China border is yet to be defined clearly. Consequently China has frequently been taking unfair advantage in the areas of Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh by intense accrual of forces causing problems to India. In particular, the areas surrounding Pangong lake and Galwan valley witnessed the problems. More than 2500 Chinese forces erected tents ;  engaged in military exercises ;  erected bunkers .  In retaliation India also engaged in assembling the military contingent for the sake of preparedness. These activities resulted in heightening tension between the nations.

          The clash between the armies of the two nations in the light of the highway being  constructed in Galwan valley continues unabated. The military commanders’  peace process activities involved discussions at least on 12 occasions. Discussions at the level of ‘Major Generals’  in the military took place at least on 3 occasions. With no progress in these talks, June 6 witnessed talks at the level of officials of Foreign Ministry.

          According to these talks both nations agreed to retreat from the advances made in Galwan and Hot Springs areas. As it was progressing, a sudden clash between the two sides on the night of June 15 left a higher level officer of the Indian Military (Colonel) along with 20 soldiers (army personnel) killed. One of the soldiers is from Tamil Nadu, by name Pazhani.  The escalation of tension that is witnessed now is a result of this event.

          China has already been sidelined and isolated from many countries including America due to COVID-19 impact. China is now actually indulging in the game of thrones, an intelligent act of creating tension so as to distract attention from truth.

          China, poaching on our territory in violation of legal norms in India is not new. In 2010 it encroached 228 times ;  in 2011 it infiltered 213 times ;  in 2012 it penetrated 426 times ;  in 2013 it intruded 411 times ;  and in 2014 it poached 334 times.  And it continues still.

          In 2013 there have been 150 poaching attempts in 8 months by China. In August, the same year, Chinese military men infiltered the area in Shakladam for 2 days and left. In June 2014, China released its prejudiced map. That Arunachal Pradesh is a part of China was indicated in that map. This kind of encroachment is a continuing game for China since 1962.

          Tension in border areas now may be similar to what was seen in 1962. But, that was India in 1962. India of 2020 is different.

          China’s understanding, comprehension, and interpretation of India 2020 needs to be completely different now than it was in 1962.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Wednesday, June 17, 2020 –  1.19 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ”  I’m  a  mortal enemy to arbitrary government and unlimited power “. – Benjamin Franklin.

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