” What the Heroic Death of 20 Army Personnel Behoves .. ” – June 19, 2020.

          What happened in Galwan on the night of June 15, 2020, was a remarkable achievement for the Indian Army which fought not a traditional war but a melee where personnel pushed and hurt each other physically with stones, iron rods, and spikes. India led by Col Santosh Babu fought the Chinese army consisting of personnel several times more than us and killed at least 50 of them.

          It was not a terrorist violence. It was the fight between our military and that of Chinese. That this should not result in a full fledged war was the chief aim of China. Hence, the departure from using guns. A war like situation and not a real war has been China’s  “Political Strategy”.

          Significant to note is the fact that the war in 1962 was centered around this Galwan valley area . There was the same accusation then that each crossed the line of actual control in breach. The present fight may well be the Chinese tactic(s) to remind India of its retreat in 1962.

          There are two reasons for countries to wage a war :  (1)  Aggressive Occupation and Control ;  and  (2)  Deflecting the attention of people within the nation. That India has its focus and concentration on Containment and Control of COVID-19 and economic revival is not in doubt to anyone.

          Hence, the need for distracting the attention of people does not arise for India. But, for China it is badly needed.  Having exposed itself seriously against most nations of the world with vulnerabilities in its economy ;  problems of unemployment ;  trade war with America ;  sudden fall in exports ;  and people resistance in Hong Kong ;  China faces the pressing need for deflection of  the attention of its people. It is high on its agenda now.

          In 1959 China took hold of Aksai Chin. And in 1960 it occupied the Shyok river valley on the west. There were reports of skirmishes along the border then. China also constructed a highway running 8 km along our border. Ever since that period China kept engaging itself in occupation of land by force.

          China’s financial aid and investment lured the small nations around it to fall in line with its firm control.

          China’s primary center of trade is with India. Household articles,  machines,  toys,  chemicals,  mobile apps,  and devices from China have a huge market in India. These products are dumped in tons in India. Particularly during the festival period, from dust bin to TV find their way into India like waste dump. This makes the ban on Chinese products ‘key’ to the issue of peace negotiations. It will result in businessmen in China to strike a confrontational posture to its own Government.

          China also buys iron ore and other raw materials to make armaments and sell back with huge profits. The ₹ 1120 crore contract to China for making a subway (tunnel) should be cancelled. Same should be the case with 4G agreement too. To help tide over the COVID-19 crisis Indian companies have contributed more than foreign institutions. Tata organisation has helped with ₹ 1500 crores.

          China has also witnessed India as the only nation capable of securing support internationally against it. It regards India as its main challenger. The interest of nations as Japan, Vietnam, and Australia to form a formidable coalition is a thorn in China’s flesh. This also stands as the reason for China’s anger.

          Not being interested in finding a solution to the border dispute is China’s strategic move. To keep the tension along the border alive on the one hand, and to keep alive the bilateral trade worth $ 100 million – are the two goals China hopes to entertain.

          If India’s weakness lies in the ‘border’, Chinese weakness lies in ‘trade’. If India breaks the trade relationship with China, it will be badly SHAKEN.

          From the beginning India should have held the border row and a solution to that as our primary goal instead of the Trade relationship – analysts say. Failing to understand the real purpose and goal of China for 70 years even while engaging on peace discussions seem our fault in retrospect. India should insist on border row settlement as the basis for bilateral trade from now is the prevailing opinion.

       ” Diplomacy should be met with Diplomacy”.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, June 19, 2020 –  5.39 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have our way “.

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