” Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as His Running mate ” – August 12, 2020.



Senator Kamala Harris, California, is the Democratic VP nominee.

          Joe Biden on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, fulfilled the promise he made during the special and exclusive CNN-Univision dabate on March 15, 2020, when he said, ” I’ll pick a woman to be a VP if I become the nominee ” – Joe Biden’s one sentence that constituted the most prominent, great, and valuable takeaway from the most unique TV debate without audience in Washington DC.

          Speaking of Senator Kamala Harris, he said, ” she is a fearless fighter for the little guy and one of country’s finest public servants. It is a great honour to name her “.

          Sen Kamala Harris said, ” Joe Biden can unify the American people. Honoured to join him as our Party’s nominee for VP and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-chief “.

          Sen Kamala Harris herself has been a Presidential contender who withdrew from the race in December 2019.

          Only two women candidates have been nominated earlier for VP.  Republican Sarah Palin in 2008 and Democrat Geraldine Ferraro in 1984. Both lost, however.

          Sen Kamala Harris is the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, and has a chequered career as California Attorney General and three election wins in CA. The nomination is seen as an elevation for her contribution to the Party in substantial terms.

          Sen Kamala Harris, however, had her bitter moments with Joe Biden, specially during the first three Presidential Primary Debates. She called out Biden on the issue of race, saying the way he described his past working relationships with 2 segregationist lawmakers ( Late James Eastland of Mississippi and Late Herman Talmadge of Georgia ) was hurtful. She also accused Biden of opposing busing. Biden disputed it, however. He called it a mischaracterisation of his position. He characterised it as “civility”. ” I was a public defender, I was not a prosecutor “, in his rebuttal. He also tried to clarify saying that he was opposed to busing ordered by the Department of Education. ( Democratic debate, June 27, 2019 ).

          How they faired in primary : 

          July 31, 2019, Miami : Biden said : ” Restore the soul of the country, we are strong because of our diversity “.  Kamala Harris said : ” This is the moment to fight who we are”. She was, however, grilled on her healthcare plan. Failed to strengthen her math except stating that $ 72 billion has been amassed by pharma giants that actually came from the tax payments of common people,  was the remark of opponents. 

          September 12, 2019, Third Democratic debate and first after August mass shootings and Dorian hurricane :  Joe Biden maintained his standing in terms of popularity without much being positive. Julian Castro attacked Biden by asking him to recollect his words, “two minutes ago” ( indirectly alluding to the age factor and memory slippage). It was however not in good taste, was the general feeling. Kamala Harris said : ” Don’t  you let anybody tell you who you’re, you tell them who you’re “. Joe Biden said : ” Never explain, never complain, when you’re down. Find your purpose when you get up “, when asked how they will recover from setbacks.

          October 15, 2019, Ohio :  Twelve candidates on stage. Largest Presidential Primary Debate in recorded American history. Bernie Sanders returns after health scare on October 1, 2019. Joe Biden on age factor : His past experiences on most issues without a need for “on-the-job” training as the most essential requirement and Quality to shoulder the burden of Presidency. Kamala Harris :  Strong on gun violence ( 5 m  assault weapons are in U.S.A., ban the import of assault weapons ) ;  Foreign Policy ( her references to the phone call of President Donald Trump to Turkish President, Erdogan, raising the consequences in terms of boosts to Vladimir Putin, Assad, Iran, and ISIS ) ; women’s access to Reproductive Healthcare ( as one of the big issues in America, it is important that women are left to decide about her body ) ;  and breaking the Big Tech Giants ( Corporate responsibility and accountability should be held high …). She held her position firmly without any decline. But the expected rise may not have materialised. Their answers to the question on Friendship was interesting :  Kamala Harris said : ” American ideals, dreams, and values shall always hold. Look for commonalities amongst us to take  the lead. Leader should unify the country”.  Joe Biden said : ” Restore the soul of the country. It is time we stopped our wranglings.”

          December 19, 2019, Sixth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, Los Angeles :  Only seven candidates now. Kamala Harris has dropped out. Only Joe Biden’s position stated : He said, “Tell the truth to people and build a strong America. I am running based on my experience and wisdom and because I feel strong.” He offered the context for his strategies. Displayed a personal charge and program enthusiastically on all issues. He probably will be the front runner.

          January 14, 2020. Seventh Democratic Presidential Primary Debate in Des Moines, Iowa :  By now Kamala Harris had dropped out. Hence, I cite the gyst of Joe Biden’s points only :  Fundamental basic decency is the need of the hour. Optimism, energy, and Electability will be what American voters will seek from now on. A sense of ‘Democratic Community’ full of focus, energy, and engagement of Citizens, for the Citizens, by the Citizens will now be embedded into our communication Strategy “.

          February 7, 2020,  New Hampshire, Eighth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, held after the Iowa caucus without results being made clear for 4 days :  Economy, Policies of Government ( in respect of education, infrastructure, immigration, and foreign relations ) and Electability will be the voters’  look out, according to Joe Biden. He has his best in this debate. Calm, composed, and comprehensive. Most consequential primary debate.

          February 19, 2020, Ninth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. :  Only six candidates on stage. Joe Biden : Government experience,  transparency in deals, and elimination of subsidies for Oil and gas are his directions. Concentrated attack on Michael Bloomberg by everyone as he took his position in his first debate.

          February 20, 2020,  CNN Democratic Town Hall:  Joe Biden :  I’ll place an immigration bill on the first day of presidency. I am strong on head and shoulders. ” With age comes experience; with experience comes judgement;  with judgement comes wisdom ” – so elect me.  ” Middle class built the country ;  Union built the middle class –  middle class welfare is our primary concern ” – this is how he tried to separate himself from others. Belief and faith, setting up one’s mind clearly, and age/experience/wisdom are the three pillars of his strength. He also sounded a warning to gun manufacturers : ” I am coming after you”. His passion for finding a cure for cancer and diabetes was a remarkable quality is also the general feeling. He restored his credibility strongly  in this debate.

          His solution to the problem of COVID-19 control lies in his triad of strategy including (a)  general intent of taking care of all people ;  (b)  equipping every state and Union with materials and resources needed ;  and  (c)  tackling the economic fall out in every manner possible.

          The days ahead are crucial in deciding how Joe Biden – Kamala Harris combination shape ; whether they already have any instant program that besides serving as a harbinger can help mobilise support ;  and how they will take on President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence in the ensuing debates. 


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Wednesday, August 12, 2020 –  12.19 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :   ” Be decisive, be emphatic, and present yourself as the best doer that Citizens can repose faith in as the Leader ”  –  SR.




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