” Democratic National Convention, Day1 – Theme of ‘Unity and Opportunity’ ” – August 17, 2020.

          Democratic National Convention kicked off in style today even as in-person event was cancelled. Theme of the Convention is “Unity and Opportunity”.

           If 2016 Democratic National Convention was held hard on the heels of the resignation of Denis Wassermann Schultz as Chairman ;  wikileaks e:mail expose putting the party under a cloud ;  frequent fragmented protests in a few places prior to the convention looking like a patient ill – today it is hot on the heels for a set of three different reasons : first, moments of anger, agony, and activism as people enter into a great time of uncertainty ; second, with COVID-19 rampant in most parts of  U.S.A. in critical time for anyone to protect one’s own mind and health ;  and third,  at a time of conflicts worldwide accelerating the Global Competition for Leadership bringing about transformations in every big nation. The Democratic Party’s chief interest may well be on the right side of future primarily to Americans at large.

          Rep Gwen Moore (D) Wisconsin began the event welcoming, wishing, and winning all people in favour of the Democrats.

          Mayor, Muriel Bowser, (D) District of Columbia, said : “Reimagining the nation is her desire, while undoing the  losses that terrorised racism “.

          George Floyd’s family observed a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd.

Governor, Andrew Cuomo, New York.

          Governor, Andrew Cuomo, (D) New York :  Encouraged by the positive response of his stewards and public during the critical period of Corona pandemic, he spoke sincerely about the support, courage, and hope while speaking his mind and advocating cautiousness in overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 and making the environment easier for people. Sure, his extremely positive response would have been believed in equal faith and support by the people. He was opposed to the Trump doctrine of “Deny, Ignore, and politicise the victims”. He also said in praise of the State’s efforts : ” Our way works”. Adding, ” American’s eyes opened, Government matters, and Leadership matters “, he emphasized the need for someone who can bring up, not tear us apart. Hence, his support to Joe Biden who can ‘restore the soul of America’  and whom the country needs exactly now.

          Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, (D) Michigan,  said :  ” Action begets action, progress begets progress”,  citing the safeguarding actions that were expertly handled by Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2009 as the greatest strategy. She justified her strong support while talking about Joe Biden as one working for the people – ordinary employees, utility workers, truck drivers, auto workers, teachers, healthcare workers, doctors. …  .. and his uncanny ability to find extraordinary strength to do the work.

          Sara Gideon (D) Maine senate candidate ; Meg Whitman, CEO, ;  Rep James Clyburn (D) Majority whip, Charleston, South Carolina ;  Doug Jones, Senator (D) Alabama ;  Sen Catherine Cortez Masto, (D) Nevada ;  Cedric Richmond, (D) Louisiana – all spoke in support of Joe Biden.

          Sen Amy Klobuchar, (D) Minnesota, spoke highly of Joe Biden, and said Kamala Harris is her true friend.

          Republicans who spoke included : John Kasich, former Ohio Governor ; Christine Whitman, former New Jersey Governor ;  and Susan Molineri, former US Representative.

Senator, Bernie Sanders.

          Sen Bernie Sanders, Vermont, former Presidential candidate called for an unprecedented choice during this unprecedented moment. He strongly emphasized that the movement he started has grown well ;  radical ideas as dismissed earlier have now become real and valid. In his criticism of Donald Trump he was powerfully eloquent stressing that : ” Unthinkable is becoming the norm now ; negligent response to the pandemic ;  killing the USPS in critical time ;  crushing the economy during the Election ; alluding to the possibility of delay in election ; and even going to the extent of not being ready if he lost ”  are all  recipe for the jeopardy of our people. We need to fight the man who rejects Science and puts our  people to catastrophe. Joe Biden will work on his first day : ” To build an America which is more equitable, more compassionate, and more inclusive.”  Future of our democracy, future of our economy, and future of our planet are at stake now ;  and for this reason alone we must all come together to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Prize of failure will be great to imagine. Consistency, clarity, and emphasis marked his speech.

Michelle Obama, former First Lady.

          Mchelle Obama, former First Lady, made a committed speech fitting the occasion and time. It centered around “Unity”  with a clear purpose of the desired end : Elect Joe Biden as the true defender of democracy and governance of America now.

          Hghlighting her famous words of her 2016 Convention speech, ” when they go low, we go high “,  she specially emphasized and elaborated with the following : (1)  standing against hatred and the perpetrators ;  (2)  not just utter nice words, but take the harder tasks looking at a different lens ;  and  (3)  unlock the shackles of mistrust swiftly. She really argued her case with tremendous passion.

          Living the promise is the story of America. Beauty, pain, struggle, and justice are all embedded in this struggle. Each of the 330 million lives in this country has meaning and worth. Being President reveals who you are and election will reveal who we are too. Chaos, division, and lack of empathy mark the present leadership and this is what needs to be changed immediately.

          If we don’t make a change in election, we cannot change the chaos. Forceful speech squarely insisting on getting to the audience party’s thoughts and actions.

Moderator, Eva Longoria Baston.

          Conclusion :  What I learnt :  1. “America needs a leader who can fight for Unity ;  a leader who can fight for racial  justice and equality ;  a leader who can fight for the rights of people ; and a leader who is decent, dignified, and transparent.” –  according to the Democrats.

          2. Democrats consider this election to be bigger than Politics than ever before.  and

          3.  The Convention took a planned path from Stress, to Satisfaction,  to the Seventh Heaven. First few events are expression of sorrows and sufferings for those who sacrificed reflecting the stress ;  Governor, Andrew Cuomo’s  was one of satisfaction, courage, and conviction in their handling of the COVID-19 threat  ;  and  the speeches of Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama are the elixir of encouragement taking everyone to be in the Seventh Heaven.

          Theme Unity Score from me is  55/45.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, August 18, 2020 –   10.21 a.m. (IST)

    Tidbit: ” 60 years back Democrats had provided more jobs,  stock markets were extremely healthy, and  GDP grew 1.5 times faster than now “.  Jennifer Granholm, Former Michigan Governor.

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