” Democratic National Convention , Day 3 – Theme of ‘Unity and Opportunity’ ” – August 19, 2020.

          America made history tonight.

          Celebrations to the Centennial of the Women’s right to vote ;  Celebrations to the first virtual convention in Election history ;  Celebrations to the mail-in voting to be the primary mode in this election ;  Celebrations to the tide, trends, and the growing mobility with strong currents of social advancements emerging in the nation ;  and  Celebrations to the woman Vice Presidential nominee of 2020 General Election.

          Third session of the convention started with Bennie Thompson, (D) Convention Chairman, welcoming delegates and all people.

          Governor Tony Evers, (D) Wisconsin, cited kindness, empathy, and humility embedded in our sense of purpose in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in this important election. When we vote things change ;  things get better ;  and the dignity of our people rises – he said.

          A video featuring survivors of Gun Violence was shown marking  one of the Democratic core principles.

Gabrielle Giffords

        Gabrielle Giffords, (D) former US Representative, who made a splendid recovery after a gun shot in 2011, supported Joe Biden with words : ” He’ll be there for everyone ; we should fight together ;  we must elect Joe Biden”.

          Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, expressed confidence that under Joe Biden, America will become a clean and safe nation. Joe Biden will rejoin the Climate Agreement and will save all of us from the twin existential threats of Trump Presidency and  his neglect of the environment. Our choice is Joe Biden.

          Billie Eilish, singer and songwriter performed “My Future”,  a song play in support of Joe Biden.

Hillary Clinton

          Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State under President Barack Obama, raised points relevant to current debates which needs to be complimented. Her main point delved on redeeming the promise of America led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She recounted the event in 2016 when Donald Trump  asked “what have we got to lose ?”. She said : ” Jobs, safety, our loved ones, leadership, and USPS are the things we will lose”. Breaking down barriers and expanding the circle of future possibilities are the needs of concentration now, according to her.

Nancy Pelosi

          Nancy Pelosi, first woman Speaker of the House, was proud that she broke the marble ceiling. She is unapologetic and unafraid in service. She felt proud that there are 105 women in the Congress now with nearly 90 being Democrats. ‘Guiding purpose of the House is Protecting People’. She saw Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump standing in the way of :  “beneficial laws,  protection of people and progress,  healthcare,  education,  climate change, and people sadety”.  Emphasizing that when women succeed, America succeeds – she asked the people to ‘Remember the November’. Forward looking, and people sensitive Joe Biden ;  and  brilliant, committed, constitutionally strong and abiding Kamala Harris who deserve to be elected.  It is hoped that her speech will be a valuable addition to listeners and voters.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

          Senator Elizabeth Warren :  Marking Donald Trump’s Presidency and tenure as a dark chapter in American history, she concentrated on  “Plans” to be given importance, specially, Childcare that is dear to her heart. Infrastructure for families is her favourite program to suggest. Plan carefully all the details that leaders will do in future – is her ‘mantra’  for success. She wants everyone to fight to get Joe Biden elected ;  and stay in the fight to get things done after. Citizens will hope that everything will go as planned by the Democrats.

Barack Obama

          Barack Obama, former President :  Speaking from Philadelphia with  ‘Writing the Constitution’ as the background, Barack Obama conveyed his sincere feelings for the safety, health, and progress of all Americans in his speech. Despite coming from different places and different generations he saw in Joe Biden the respect, decency, dignity, character, and experience to make the present generation strong. He expressed confidence that the freedom and ideals of everyone will be preserved, protected, and defended under Joe Biden’s Leadership. Criticising President, Donald Trump’s actions as one more reality show to get personal attention with no interest in finding common ground on issues, he attributed  the loss of jobs, lives, and even Institutions of democracy to his failure. Emphasizing that true strength comes by setting an example, he said Joe Biden can restore our standing in the world and bring words in our founding documents to life. Stay safe and God bless you, he ended.


          (1) Barack Obama’s words may help trigger new ideas benefiting the party and the people ;  (2)  may help induce a new sense of pride in work among the administrators and people ;  and  (3) may help stimulate on-going discussions on issues of Governance.

          Bennie Thompson, Convention Chairman, declared Kamala Harris elected as the Democratic Candidate for Vice President.

          Senator Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential nominee :  Expecting everyone to draw inspiration from the Centenary of Women’s right to vote ;  citing the women leaders who have made the country proud ;  tracing her background as an immigrant when her mother came to U.S.A. first and married a Jamaican after falling in love –  Kamala Harris dwelt on the virtues of  “Family”  as fundamental to every human being in the world.  ” I accept your nomination for VP ” – she confirmed, even while quoting her mother’s words : ” Service to others is life’s purpose and meaning”.

          A vision that Joe Biden cares ;  a country united in the fundamental belief that every individual’s dignity and welfare count the most – will be her vision too. America is known to face challenges and celebrate triumphs ;  the country today experiences loss of normalcy, loss of certainty, and loss of opportunities. There is no vaccine for racism ;  we have to do it by work only.

          (1)   Kamala Harris’s  Observations may help kindle a new sense of enthusiasm among the people ;  (2)  her Observations may exactly be the ones what the people wanted to hear ;  and  (3)  her Observations may motivate people to stick with her ideals and that of the party.

          Conclusion :  ” Voices of Speakers to Voices of Voters ”  from now. My Unity score is 70/30.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Thursday, August 20, 2020 –  10.29 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Commitment, Confidence, and Conviction are the three  C’s  for success “.



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