” Democratic National Convention , Day 4 – Theme of ‘Unity and Opportunity’ ” – August 20, 2020.

           Just like the Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention in 2016 could be divided into two sections – a section comprising a sequence of speeches on “faith, morality, and patriotism” from a host of individuals as Governors, female Hispanic sheriff in U.S.A., veteran military general, medical honour recipients, father of Muslim Soldier who sacrificed his life – all supporting Hillary Clinton, the Presidential nominee then, and another section comprising the highly efficacious nomination speech by Hillary Clinton ;  this 4th Day of the Democratic National Convention of 2020 also featured two sections – a section comprising a sequence of speeches primarily on the kind of Leadership needed at this critical juncture sans medical honour recipients, Hispanic celebrities, Muslim military personalities and the likes but interspersed with videos and clips of songs, narration, and opinions from specific individuals, and another section featuring videos of  Joe Biden’s life, Steph Curry and daughters, Joe’s grand daughters with Joe Biden’s nomination speech as the grand finale to the event.

Tom Perez

          Tom Perez, Democratic National Committee Chairman, opened the 4th Session of ideas and experiences citing “Coming Together” as the main purpose, the meaning of Convention, asked for building a movement, building ballots, for building a Change.

          A brief video show on Cancer Moonshot, something dear to the heart of the Presidential nominee followed. Will this become the most favourite program of the President, if he gets elected is what goes through everybody’s mind.

           Gov Gavin Newsom, (D) CA,  advanced the conversation of Climate Change which is linked to Mother Nature. He praised the contribution of Barack Obama and Joe Biden for the Vehicle Emission standards. Common welfare is rooted in Environmental Protection, according to him. He has built his case for Joe Biden’s election.

Andrew Yang

           Andrew Yang, (D) Former Presidential candidate, mentioned Joe Biden’s fight for the Promise of America adding that our government will rise to the challenges of times with a change of new Leadership and new ideas.

Senator Chris Coons

          Senator Chris Coons, (D) Delaware, admired and extolled the  “faith”  and respect for all individuals that make Joe Biden, a Servant Leader, and the best fit for President at this moment.

          Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta, Georgia, talked about the movement sweeping the country now to make a change in Leadership. Our vote is our voice. Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was the message.

           John Legend and Common perform – a song.

          John Meachem, Historian and Author, ” A country driven by the best, a country  governed by reason – with empathy, grace, and an open mind Joe Biden can open the next chapter of our great nation. Choice goes straight to the nature of the Soul of America” – his message.

          Rep Deb Haaland, (D) New Mexico, the first native Americans elected to the Congress said :  ” Get involved, register for voting, and vote without fail are the ways we need to elect our leader now. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can see us through the crisis towards a better future” – was her message.

          Sarah Cooper, author and comedian, performed – a song.

Senator Cory Booker.

          Senator Cory Booker, (D) NJ, said : ” Together we will work, together we will fight, together we will preserve safety, and together we will rise. America together is the goal “.

          Dr Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General, said : ” Joe Biden is the leader to look out for my family and to heal the nation. Commitment to one another is not just patriotism, but a healer “.

Michael Bloomberg

          Michael Bloomberg, (D) former Mayor, ran for President in 2020 :  ” Freedom, Democracy, and Liberty are the reasons we went to War, and not for expansion. Integrity, safety, and competence are now the need in the White House, and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris will do this.”  He made a powerful case for electing Joe Biden by citing the inadequacies of the present incumbent and also recording the accomplishments of Joe Biden on economic growth, military support, tax programs and healthcare.

          Senator Tammy Baldwin, (D) Wisconsin, ” What kind of America we want this to be ; a nation that plans, builds, and moves forward without looking back is what we need ; a nation that is free from COVID-19 ; a nation where the American dream lives ; is what we need ;  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can give us that ” – she emphasized.

          Ed Good, veteran of WW II, 95 years old and a Republican for decades now said he will vote for Joe Biden.

          Senator Tammy Buckworth, (D) Illinois, said : ” Joe Biden is one who understands the risks military personnel take and is ready to protect them , and it is his kind of Leadership that is in great need now “.

          Pete Buttigieg, (D) former Presidential candidate, South Bend Mayor, while calling the election as the contest for the soul of the nation and a struggle said people crave for a country that can live up to the truth and bring our prominence back. He supports Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to give to the people a better future. 

Joe Biden

            Accepting his nomination as President, Joe Biden described the moment as an American moment and not a political moment. He called Donald Trump as a failure and urged a change calling this election as the “Life Changing Election”. Character, compassion, decency, science, and democracy are all on the ballot and the choice of people has never been more important than it is now.

           Figure below represents his leading principles for governance :

          There are three elements constituting the triad : (a)  FDR’s  New Deal Measures ;  (b)  National Strategy for COVID-19 control ;  and  (c)  Economic, Racial, Healthcare, and Climate Justice for all.

          Building on Healthcare ;  Education for best job in 21st century ;  Childcare ;  Student Loans ;  Elder’s stay in home with dignity ;  Equal pay for women ;  Raising wages ;  Climate Change requirements with enormous opportunities for clean jobs – are the ones he will likely concentrate on. Social Security is a Sacred Obligation/Promise that he will try to preserve. Medicare also will be preserved.

          Significant to note was the fact that he echoed the  “family”  strength which Kamala Harris stressed in her speech yesterday. He said :  “Kamala Harris is a powerful voice in America now. Her story is an American story. She has the courage to overcome any obstacle. We both get our strength from our families. She is a great second lady and will be a great first lady too for this nation.”

           Figure below represents the Score on the elements based on his speech today :

           Joe Biden’s aim is to restore the promise of America to all. The way forward for all the above (listed in fig) for a better future is to stay “United”.

          He ended his speech saying :  ” This is our moment to make hope and history. The darkness shall end tonight. We will make it united. I promise you, God bless you.”


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, August 21, 2020 –  10.29 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” We the people are proud of the promise of our future “.

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