” Republican National Convention to Swing Open on August 24, 2020.

President, Donald Trump.

          In a once in four years Convention that will be marked by the installation of the Party’s Presidential Nominee, the Republican National Convention 2020 will be held between August 24 and 27,  2020.

          Donald Trump, the existing US President from the Republican Party will hold control as the Party Nominee until his nomination on the 24th of August. His acceptance Speech is scheduled for August 27, 2020. Donald Trump has his claim to the crown justified both in terms of delegate power and popularity at this juncture.

          This is also the time when the Party’s Platform is ratified and rules adopted. In the 2016 Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump garnered 69.8% of delegates and won with a total of 1725 (out of 2472) with a required simple majority of 1237. It was the lowest % of delegates won by a Republican since 1976. On July 19, 2016, he was formally nominated. Platform was Conservative reflecting the party’s ideals.The Platform was approved by voice vote even after Giovanni Cicione of Rhode Island resisting it saying that the 60 page platform to be made into a short 2 page ‘statement of principles’ avoiding controversial issues like same sex marriage …

          Primarily to serve as a tremendous welcome boost to the Presidential Nominee, the Party, the delegates, the participants, and the American Citizens as a whole – this event is expected to be a morale booster to the people ;  confidence booster to the contestants ;  policy and platform booster to the speakers ;  and not the least, a sure ego booster to the Nominee.

          That the political platform of the party with adoption of rules will be unveiled holds the key to the steps the party will likely take to solve the problems of the people when elected.

          COVID-19 crisis has turned the end in a manner never seen before earlier. It will be a Virtual Convention like the one Democrats had this week with events, speeches, and entertainment taking place in remote places while being livestreamed.

          Day 1 of the event this year will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday August 24, 2020, with the other days in Washington DC plus events in other places as well. Acceptance Speech of VP Nominee, Mike Pence, will be on August 26 ; and the Acceptance Speech of the Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump, will be on August 27.

          As in the case of the 2016 Convention, each day will focus on a specific theme as below :

          August 24 – Land of Heroes ; Make America Safe Again in 2016.

          August 25 – Land of Promise;  Make America Work Again in 2016.

          August 26 – Land of Opportunity ; Make America  First Again in 2016.

          August 27 – Land of Greatness;  Make America One Again in 2016.

          Titles of 2016 possibly reflecting what the Party wanted to achieve if elected ;  and titles of 2020 possibly reflecting what the Party would like to sustain. A fitting tribute to the Citizens on a fitting occasion.

          Prominent Speakers of this Convention are likely to be :

          Former UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley ;  House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy ;  Florida Lt Governor, Jeanette Nunez ;  South Dakota Governor, Kristi L Noem ;  Senator Tim Scott, (SC) ;  Senator Joni Ernst (Iowa) ; Jared Kushner, Top aide and Trump’s son in law ;  Ivanka Trump, Adviser  and others.

          Beyond the pomp and circumstances of the 2016 Convention, it fell short in terms of many wants in organising efforts. The 2020 Convention being unconventional in unusual circumstances may not be everybody’s cup of tea either. Experience can shape it better this time.

          The two strong points that the Republicans have been so proud of and expecting to make a big gain this time – Economic growth and Safety – have taken a beating, specially, in the last six months due to COVID-19 pandemic putting the “Strategy Management Team” searching for new ideas.

          Figure below represents the strategy that I suggest :

          There are three elements represented in this triad.

          First, “Turning adversity into advantage” , I think the success will lie in turning the adversity to one’s advantage smartly. The nation in adversity should be the compelling factor to make Citizens stick together with the present Government and not speak out against favourable tide of opinions. Second, “Motivation”, every action and program proposed and spoken in this Convention should be accompanied by a full motivation, inspiring people to work effectively without self interest. And Third, the Convention should be a true reflection of  “Togetherness”  even as it means borrowing heavily from the Democrats’  theme. The Convention needs to be well organised, efficient, and make everyone feel confident.

          Challenging moments need challenging answers. Republican National Convention 2020 faces the biggest challenge posed by COVID-19 for a rewarding reign, for its second term.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Saturday, August 22, 2020 –  11.49 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” The Republican Party is ready for the fray”.


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