” Republican National Convention , Day 2 – ‘Land of Opportunity’ ” – August 25, 2020.

          A period that opens new vistas and new windows of Opportunities ;  An opportunity to choose new options knowing well that you lose some benefits of other options ;  Taking the offerings made and to be made at the most opportune moment ( at a time of strikes by the opportunistic infection, COVID-19 ) in the life of Citizens ;  Taking the offerings as a unique opportunity for citizens to listen to a host of people in several sectors of economy ;  and  taking the advantage of an opportunity from a Convention organised in a planned manner – sums up the second day’s proceedings.

          Key takeaways :

          1.  Agriculture, dairy farms, and fishing activities stole the opening statements and progress tonight. Jason Joyce, a Lobster fisherman from Maine ;  Cris Peterson, a Dairy farmer from Wisconsin ;  described how the economic boom helped farmers and agriculturists during the last 4 years. Equating agriculture to the military they recognised the actions of the government from over regulation to deregulation and fair trade as having contributed immensely to this sector.

Larry Kudlow

          2.  Larry Ludlow, White House Chief Economic Adviser, briefly invoked the strides made in manufacturing, technology, and agriculture during the period expressing confidence in a  ‘V’ shaped recovery soon. He painted a glowing picture of the advancements in the last 3 years.

          3.  John Peterson, Wisconsin business owner, praised the smart, fast, and dependable leader that the country has now in Donald Trump ;  Cissie Graham Lynch, cited freedom and exercise of it as the virtue of the nation.

          4.  Pam Pondi, (R) former Florida Attorney General, charged Joe Biden’s ” deliberate pattern of conduct” in promoting his family members through benefits from countries like China and Russia as inappropriate. Instead, Donald Trump will make this the Land of Opportunity for everyone.

          5.  Tiffany Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, blaming division and controversy breeding profit as the chief curse now, lamented the growing threats to the  ‘freedom’  of people of this country. America is the only country where ‘dream’ is attached, she said. Fighting for Citizens, fighting for changes, and uncompromising actions are the qualities that need support at this critical period – and Donald Trump needs to be voted in favour to sustain those qualities.

          6.  Governor Kim Reynolds, (R) Iowa, placed farming  as the strength of the nation praising the government as one of actions and outcome called America as a Land of milk and honey for anyone prepared to work hard with Honesty, Integrity, and Sincerity.

Mike Pence

          7. RNC video with VP, Mike Pence, tracing the vision of Freedom as enunciated by Abe Lincoln added that Donald Trump is the President who is striving hard to sustain it in these difficult times. He also showered accolades on him for illuminating every town, locality, and city with opportunities. Well taken, well scripted, well illustrated, it will be received well by citizens.

          8.  Lt Gov Jeanette Nunez, (R) Florida, traced Socialism as the cause for destruction of equality, freedom, and innovation. Socialism is not for opportunity and America will never be a Socialist country – she emphasized.

Naturalisation ceremony

          9.  President Donald Trump presided over a “naturalisation ceremony” for five nationalities including Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan, and Ghana.

Eric Trump

          10.  Eric Trump, Executive VP of Trump Organisation, :  His talk was a mix of Donald Trump’s accomplishments ;  Joe Biden’s failures ;  and his father’s (Donald Trump’s) love and respect for all his family members. His father will always fight for what is right and he will fight for all citizens was how he sought to persuade the voters. His talk will be remembered for : (a) being the best from Trump family members ;  and  (b) for stating what none has stated uptil now – ” Donald Trump will send Americans to Mars “.

          11.  Daniel Cameron (R) Kentucky Attorney General :  Carrying the mantle of Eisenhower and Reagan is important for him and to the Party of Lincoln. His mother’s words, “we share our burdens and celebrate our successes” will always be ringing in his ears.

Mike Pompeo

          12.  Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, averred that Securing Peace is the fundamental requirement for Freedom to live, work, and leisure. He cited the Peace Deal between Israel and UAE ; ISIS being wiped out ; NATO getting stronger ;  Ukraine having developed weapons systems ; Tough stand on China and North Korea ;  Embassy in Jerusalem ; as examples of Donald Trump’s accomplishments.

Melania Trump

          13. Melania Trump, First Lady : This was a speech that needs to be commended for all what anyone will look for in a speech on this occasion. She had the full measure of what the people wanted and delivered them in the most appropriate manner. She also made up for whatever she failed to do earlier, four years ago.

          She was confident that Donald Trump will not do anything until he has everything clear before putting it to practice.  Her topics covered : COVID-19 pandemic cure ;  First responders and doctors/associates in intervention actions ;  Natural disasters and Control ;  Students and Children education ;  Opioid and drug addiction ;  Racial history – were all relevant to the settings in our times now, and her words that she was deeply moved by the strength of the people and work in tackling issues must have resonated well with the viewers.

          Her 25 minute performance was perfection without any onslaught of abuse(s) against any individual or party.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Wednesday, August 26, 2020 –  10.39 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Create jobs, create opportunities,  expand work,  promote innovation – are the keys to national growth “.


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