” Republican National Convention , Day 3 – ‘Land of Heroes’ ” – August 26, 2020.

          Day 3 of the Republican National Convention opened with a prayer for protection of the lives of Citizens by Rabbi Shubert Spero.

          Hurricane Laura, and Kenosha violence strike at our hearts.

          VP,  Mike Pence,  accepting his renomination to the post of Vice President and his Speech was the main piece of event tonight.

Mike Pence

          1. Mike Pence :

          Two factors strengthened his appeal to the sense of freedom, liberty, and justice  combining the importance of the incidents of Hurricane Laura and Kenosha violence. First,  Mike Pence’s speech from Baltimore, Fort McHenry, which holds the pride of defending the place from the British in the War of 1812 marking the birth of the Star Spangled banner assuming special strength in terms of American strength and values ;  and  Second,  Mike Pence’s role in Coronavirus pandemic control measuring upto expectations and what more precautionary and preventive measures to combat the spread now.

          Two factors in the background that made his appeal tricky were the Hurricane Laura threat and the Wisconsin, Kenosha, violence.

          Mike Pence’s Speech was full of highlights and substance to draw the attention of the people.

           It was full of matters of substance and relevance ;  it was full of the sense of achievement of the last four years ;  it was full of how President Donald Trump delivered on his promises ;  it was full of potentials that hold for more in future ;  and it was full of reassurances to those suffering and the needy.

          Mike Pence also spent time attacking the actions of Joe Biden while recording every achievement of Donald Trump.  ” While Joe Biden sees darkness, we see American Greatness ” , he said to the cheering audience and viewers. There were 130 people sitting before him and listening intently . Life, liberty, freedom, and flag are our ideals that remain true, he affirmed.

          Support, rescue, response, and recovery to the families affected in Hurricane Laura will be swift is the assurance that would have comforted people now.  “This is what Americans do, and we are with you”, – words of the moment from VP.

          Sharply criticizing Joe Biden for not citing a single word on violence in his speech last week, Mike Pence said : ” Violence must stop ;  Whether in Minnesota or Wisconsin ;  Law and Order on the streets of America ensured for Americans of every creed and colour “.

          He accepted his nomination with the grace of God thanking President Donald Trump for the gratitude and confidence reposed in him.

          Hailing the American army as the ‘ Heroes of the Nation’ ,  he made strong references to President Donald Trump’s contribution in terms of rebuilding the military with funds and resources,  making Veteran’s Service available for every veteran in America , and initiating the United States Space Force, the first creation by any President in history.

          Israel, UAE peace accord ;  moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem in Israel ( a great recognition of Israel in 26 years ) ; unleashing American Energy ;  posting 250 judges to federal courts ;  creation of 500000 manufacturing jobs ; and  lowest unemployment rate for women in 65 years on this 100th year of celebrations of Women’s right to vote – are the accomplishments recorded.

           Conducting 800000  COVID tests per day ; getting 100000  ventilators ready in 100 days ;  developing therapeutics and convalescent plasma for COVID-19 treatment ; and the World’s first strong and safe Vaccine finding its use by the end of this year – are also cited.

          The sense of achievement was flowing from his words – when even a small success can give and make anyone proud.

          ” He pitched for re-election with strong words to the effect : ” Choice is whether America remains America.”

          It was a speech of  “Mission Accomplished” citing a host of accomplishments marking the nearly 4 year period of the President.

          2.  “President Donald Trump is keen on solving the problems with the help of reason and concern as importantly as one holds religious beliefs” – was clearly brought about by Karen Pence,  Kellyanne Conway,  and Kayleigh McEnany while describing their experiences in life. Stressing Donald Trump’s interests to ‘humanize’  the system in every sector for the benefit of people united by a sense of common humanity, they hailed him as the  “Champion”  of humanism.

          3.  Lou Holtz, Michael McHale (National Association of Police Organisations);  Madison Cawthorne, NC Congressional candidate who is partially paralyzed ( if elected he will become the youngest Congressional representative in history at 25 years );  Jack Brewer ;  Sam Vigil ; and Clarence Henderson are the others who spoke of President Donald Trump’s Leadership as needed now. Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s senior adviser ;  and  Rep Elise Stefanik (R) NY; made a strong case for Donald Trump’s re-election in November.

          Conclusion :  1. The convention was full of testimonials from speakers on behalf of the President’s Qualities of  Care, Compassion, and Humanitarianism to Women and African Citizens. 2. History chooses its heroes according to the circumstances and requirements. Will Donald Trump be the leader that Americans likely choose now ?  3.  While he had his role clear to steer the Coronavirus pandemic control Actions, it remains to be seen if he can steer the public conversation and perception away from doubts and force some steer on this till the Election day. 4. Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the US  National Anthem in Fort McHenry ;  Will the Citizens be inspired by the speech of Mike Pence from the Fort McHenry while voting ?


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Thursday, August 27, 2020 – 10.29 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  “. We will make America Great Again ” –  Mike Pence.


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