” Republican National Convention , Day 4 – ‘ Land of Greatness ‘ ” – August 27, 2020.

          No masks almost and sitting close to each other as in normal circumstances, a gathering of 2000+  in the South Lawn of White House, much like a rally usually perceived as unusual in the present circumstances, the use of WH for political purposes – would probably assure President Donald Trump a place in history expecting that people will know their places and while pushing reporting to take place next only to the grand finale to the Republican National Convention.

A view of the gathering.

          If this serves as a harbinger to the growing trend of declining political ethics or a new fashion likely becoming popular in future will be worth watching. President Donald Trump has, nevertheless, become a  ‘trend setter’  without a doubt.

Donald Trump

          President Donald Trump delivered a powerful acceptance speech exhorting his party men through the recorded accomplishments of his four years while downplaying in critical terms the arguments advanced by the Democrats, and Joe Biden in particular.

          Growing economy, increasing job opportunities, wage increases, tax cuts putting more money in people’s pockets, benefiting investments, refusing to back down against criticisms and making borders secure (300 miles of border wall already completed with 10 miles each week underway ), 300 federal judges plus 2 new Supreme Court justices, prosperity to inner cities, prison reforms, funding for black colleges and universities, rebuilding military from the badly depleted state, modernising the defense sector, modernising the economy, strengthening the federal government, reversing the damages done in the last four to five decades, making new deals benefiting America, brokering the landmark peace deal between Israel and UAE recently, shifting the embassy to Jerusalem in Israel, bringing troops back from war torn areas, standing up to China and Russia, severe sanctions on North Korea causing them to stop nuclear testing any further, strengthening relationships with like-minded nations, destroying ISIS and eliminating Al Baghdadi, eliminating Iran’s Suleiman – are all highlighted during his speech on occasions and some repeatedly in emphasis.

          “Power behind the powerless, and voice behind the voiceless” has been the chief message effectively conveyed.

          His speech also had resemblances to that of Abe Lincoln in some moments : 1. His aim of abolishing religious differences can be compared to Abe Lincoln’s resolve to abolish slavery ;  2.  His aim of delivering on promises with no compromise whatsoever to Abe Lincoln’s  promise  of  ‘no compromise on slavery’ ;  and  3.  He will, if elected, will do what he can and what he feels as good for the people, compares well to Abe Lincoln’s : ” I desire to conduct the affairs of the administration that if in the end I have no friends, I will still have one deep inside me, in my own voice”.

          That President Donald Trump could keep his promises delivered might be the greatest comforting factor at this juncture.

          In a scathing attack on Biden-Bernie manifesto, he completely dismissed their claims of creating a better future for Americans. “If Biden is elected, no American will be saved” – averred Donald Trump forcefully. Distinguishing between himself and Biden deeply, Donald Trump had this to say firmly :  ” Biden for Made in China ;  and Trump for Made in America”.

          Figure below represents his predicament before promise succinctly :

          He is faced with the triple challenges of  COVID pandemic,  Hurricane Laura destruction,  and Kenosha violence. He finds himself in the most awkward predicament with the plight of the people requiring to be cared for more than ever before. This is the time that requires strong faith in Leadership that will put the “public first”  and ensure that government officials do their best morally, ethically, and socially. A time requiring Unity, and a time testing the efficiency and effectiveness of actions taken. ‘Proof of the pudding is in the eating’  and who will steal the show in terms of  ‘healing’  will be watched. This is also the time when ordinary citizens can prove their extraordinary possibilities to the leaders – of both parties. Which party scores in this test needs to be seen.

A view of the gathering.

          President Donald Trump called for people to choose between “American Dream”  and a “Socialist Agenda” ;  between the ” Torch that lights the world ”  and  ”  the one cloaked in darkness ” ;  between  ” bold vision and bright future ”  and  ” destruction, dismantling, and disappointment “.

           President Donald Trump seems to know the priorities of people  clearly is evidenced by his speech tonight.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday,  August 27, 2020 –  10.19 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Washington, DC  has not changed Donald Trump ;  Donald Trump has changed Washington DC ” –  Ivanka Trump.




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