” First Joint Interview with President-elect Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris – Biden-Harris Team Good as New ” – December 3, 2020.

Biden-Harris team, set to occupy the great American throne on January 20, 2021, with 80 million plus strong American voters thronging to see their new act unfolding in the nation nonpareil for the next four years at the minimum represents the new found freedom, enthusiasm, and confidence now.

Jake Tapper of CNN is the interviewer.

These are the crux of their answers :

1. Follow ‘National Standards’ to fight Coronavirus aligning with Governors and Mayors.

2. Guidance and financial resources are key to combat the Coronavirus. ” Senate has to do its job genuinely”. His emphasis on the role of Kamala Harris, and her duty as VP in fulfilling this could not have been more clear.

3. I’ll take the vaccine when Dr Fauci says that the vaccine to be rolled out is safe and effective. He is in tune with what Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush earlier averred that they will take the vaccine in public view to embolden the confidence of citizens and to dispel the skepticism if any.

4. Doctors, nurses, nursing home personnel, minorities, and people who have been most affected will be the first priority in vaccination.

5. Biden’s cabinet will look like the country with every major group represented.

6. Fulfilment of the commitments made and making right decisions will constitute the two strong pillars of his administration.

7. ” COVID, Economy, Race, and Climate Change ” are the four major aspects of immediate consideration for him.

8. He made clear that Iran should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Playing by International rules and norms will be the yardstick. Support of allies will be key to tackle any wrongdoing.

9. DoJ will act independently in his administration and there will be no interference in their investigations.

10. He stands for peaceful transition of power, end of chaos, and for elevation of the image of America in the eyes of the world.

11. He is ‘determined and confident’ to unite the country and to honour the decency, respect, and honesty of the nation.

12. Emphasised the importance of attracting Green Jobs to the nation that can give employment to 18.6 million people and raise GDP by $ 1 trillion.

13. “Clock is ticking rapidly” on the Climate Crisis, said VP elect, Kamala Harris emphatically.

My Observations :

Biden-Harris star combination probably spells a new era in the history of American Administration.

In this short interview they gave an insight into their “new book” consisting of (a) new way of doing things ; (b) new experiences to be delivered ; and (c) new systems to be invoked.

The winter this time will start the ‘buds’ shaping and pausing possibly still spring to be a ‘full flower’.

” Dieu avec nous “

Friday, December 4, 2020 – 9.11 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” I have not made a single decision without Kamala Harris’s input so far ” – Joe Biden.

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