” US Supreme Court Holds Republicans at Bay ” – December 11, 2020.

” He has no magic wand ; he has no cards in his pocket ; he has no cards up his sleeve “.

Everyone is now staring at President Donald Trump. What did he do with the Election to find himself together with his supporters on this demolished remains of the Castle that represents the home of the Leadership of this World ?

Rejection of the lawsuits ( Georgia and Texas this week ) by the Supreme Court this week – as it probably felt it is time to cut to the chase – cannot be viewed as anything less than the final nail in the coffin carrying hopes of a miraculous overturning of the Peoples’ verdict in the General Election of November 3, 2020.

Hoping for the Congress to do something on January 6, 2021, ( despite about 127 Republican Congressmen being in favour at this juncture ) is to hope that people around supporting the action can fire the soul and do the impossible. No chance, it appears.

It is here, at this juncture, that the run off Elections in Georgia affords a refulgent glow to the possible ; a glow to see the visible ; a glow to faith, power, and will.

A victory in both the Senate seats on January 5, 2021, can be regarded as a clear vindication of the Republicans’ Campaign for Electoral misgivings and misfortunes of November 3 that they had to bear bravely, even as it means only 2 seats and a clear Senate majority in the new dispensation.

It makes this senate elections virtually a ” referendum ” of sorts even without any legal approval.

The least it can do is to make people think and reevaluate their opinions about the 50 odd charges ( 35 of them already defeated in courts ) that the Republicans brought as a sequel to their defeat in the Presidential Election even with zero chance of reexamination of the cases.

The least it can do is to embolden the party and people that Georgia’s swing in the General Election is an aberration that can be reversed next time.

The least it can do is to strengthen People’s resolve to regain balance and dignity to control the Senate.

A defeat on the contrary would mean that the landslide in the General Election touted by the Democrats is REAL giving a boost to Joe Biden and the unchallenging legitimacy of his election worldwide.

The stakes are unimaginably high for both the parties on this election of January 5, 2021.

” Dieu avec nous “

Saturday, December 12, 2020 – 9.29 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Heaven is the only place where prayers are not made ” – Ellen J Barrier.

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