” Need to Spread Christmas Cheers Everywhere ” – December 25, 2020.

December 25 is a day of celebration after the tumultuous months of Coronavirus combined with the emotional, mental, and political turmoil inflicted in our minds of events during the period.

Stars, statues, huts, Christmas trees, Christmas carols, Christmas cakes, flowers, balloons, and not the least – the Santa Claus – mark the usual festive decorations of homes and signs of status.

Christmas, however, is not celebrated or even recognised as a festive occasion in some countries of the Globe still. Holiday is not even declared in at least 40 countries. Permission is granted only for Christmas trees in many of these countries. At least 18 nations do not celebrate the Festival in any manner.

The list of those countries is given below :

1. Afghanistan : Since 1990s when the Taliban forces took control of this Islamic nation, Christmas has never been celebrated.

2. Algeria : Liberated from France (Christians) in 1962, this nation of predominantly Muslims has not celebrated Christmas with State Authorization.

3. Bhutan : Christians constitute only 1% of the population in this country. This country following Buddhism does not have Christmas in its national calendar.

4. Brunei : Oil rich nation of Islam has banned the celebration of Christmas since 2015. Violation of this rule will invoke a 5 year imprisonment, or $ 20000 in fines, or both. At the same time those belonging to religions other than Islam can hold functions in a restricted manner. Pompous Celebrations create evil consequences to Islam – is the belief.

5. China : Christmas is banned in this country. December 25 is a usual working day. Schools, colleges, offices, and markets will remain open.

6. Comoras : This nation is primarily a Sunni Muslim nation ( 98% population ) located in the islands of Indian Ocean. Celebrations are banned in common areas, places, and routes.

7. Libya : A predominantly Muslim nation, it celebrates December 24, its Independence Day. Christmas is not celebrated.

8. Mauritonia : The Christian population is meagre compared to Muslims in this country. They are also not recognised in this country. Hence, no celebrations.

9. Mongolia : The country following Buddhism is home to a small group of Christians. But it has no Christmas Holiday.

10. North Korea : The country observes the Communist Principles of a non-existent God. Despite this country being home to people from other nations, Christmas is not accepted as a celebratory event according to its regulations.

11. Pakistan : The country celebrates December 25 as Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday and so it is a National Holiday. Christians indulging in celebrations (Christmas) have no safety ensured.

12. Sharwi Arab Democratic Republic : Muslims constitute the major section of this nation’s population and Christmas is not celebrated.

13. Saudi Arabia : Christmas related celebratory events and Christmas trees are banned in the last 10 years.

14. Somalia : Following the acceptance of the Shariat Laws in this country, Christmas celebration has been banned in this country. It also cautions people that Christmas celebrations will threaten the faith of people in Islam.

15. Tajikistan : Formerly a part of Soviet Union, this country has banned Christmas trees and Celebrations with prize awards in schools.

16. Tunisia : This nation is not against Christians or celebrations of Christmas. But December 25 is not a Holiday. It is observed as a regular working day.

17. Uzbekistan : About 10% of the population constitute Eastern Orthodox Christians here. But, instead of the Christmas celebrations New Year is celebrated with enthusiasm, vigor, and pomp.

18. Yemen : War torn Yemen has not been celebrating Christmas in the last 10 years.

With Corona restrictions looming large still, the celebrations will sure be a subdued affair even in countries that are known to celebrate with energetic exuberance.

Significant to note is the fact that during the World War I when British Forces heard Christmas Carols from nearby areas on this day, they mistook the songs to be a German War Strategy. However, a temporary ceasefire followed with mutual agreement between the German and British forces bringing about an unexpected and astonishing change in their behaviour and action. The warring factions (both) started exchanging food, cigarettes, and other items as Christmas Gifts. They even played football games ; had hair cuts together ; and even worked alongside each other in burying the dead bodies. Jesus Christ’s preachings of ‘Peace and Love’ has been the stimulant for this was everyone’s belief.

” A Gift of God “.

When everyone of us knows that nothing is finite in this world, can this Christmas bring a peaceful solution to the ongoing Farmers’ Protests in Delhi is what every citizen will be hoping for.

” Dieu avec nous “

Friday, December 25, 2020 – 10.11 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Christmas is not a season, it is a feeling ” – Edna Ferber.

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