” Prime time news anchor of CNN, Chris Cuomo, suspended” – December 1, 2021.

” CNN has suspended prime time news anchor, Chris Cuomo, ‘indefinitely pending further evaluation ‘ after the revelation of the improper nature of his relationship with aides to his brother, Former NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo “.

Chris Cuomo said, ” Family is more important than job”, while accepting some of the charges. It can’t be more than true and justifiable in life for everyone.

After retirement and even while announcing early/premature retirement in Sports, Movies, Entertainment and few other fields we are familiar with reasons emerging from individuals concerned about life, family, and retirement as priorities. Management students and personnel may have heard this aspect more frequently in LEADERSHIP and JOB DECISIONS.

Chris Cuomo’s case is different in that he has been suspended for his wrongdoing. But his reaction is common. There will be some investigations and soon a final clear decision.

I have this small account to record on this issue :

  1. 1. For a lot of time during his career at CNN ( since 2013) he has been gushing at his vibes into accomplishments at work, may be even at the expense of his family. He has been work centered clearly.
  2. 2. He has been a popular, very effective, and well regarded prime time news anchor at work in CNN.
  3. 3. I have been regularly watching the three some – Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon – for a few years now and I could not afford to miss Cuomo’s coverage, specially the following :
  4. (a) the news he continued to broadcast from his home when he contracted COVID – 19 in March ( sprinkling his own personal account of symptoms, testing, fears, and the nature of the spread). It was his family that stood by him strongly then.
  5. (b) the coverage based on his personal visit to the border areas looking at the life of migrants who had camped near US-Mexico border when the then President, Donald Trump, threatened to close the borders ; and
  6. (c) the pretty amazing and novel use of the Whiteboard with bullet points explaining the sequence of events like a well trained ACADEMICIAN during his prime time coverages .
  7. CNN can certainly move on without Chris Cuomo as would any organisation without any individual, howsoever, critical he is to business. No one is irreplaceable. Chris cuomo will now be focusing on winning the support of his team and other groups of people within the network. His job and career may change. But he will certainly have his family with him and for him it will be more important than anything else now.
  8. ” Dieu avec nous “
  9. December 1, 2021 – 12.29 p.m. (IST)
  10. Tidbit : ” God’s judgment is not like man’s judgment “.

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