” India Needs to Move from ‘Brain Drain’ to ‘Brain Gain’ ” – December 4, 2021.

The beginning of this decade (2021) marked the historic event in American history of an immigrant Indian woman taking on the mantle of the Vice-President, one could have never imagined. Records and accomplishments of immigrant Indians in America make the entire world discover and confirm the astonishingly impressive command presented by them. The latest entry into this brilliant, celebrated, and distinguished achievers is Parag Agrawal of ‘Twitter’ who became its CEO last week.

The academic and professional progress of Parag Agrawal (he holds a BTech from IIT Bombay ; and MS, PhD from Stanford University) leading to the credited recognition of CEO makes India proud as much as it makes the preference accorded to the talent and efficiency congratulatory in American society. The fact that Indians have been able to etch their impressions in most sectors of the economy besides being the leading CEOs of at least seven prestigious organisations cannot be easily dismissed.

If Sundar Pichai of Alphabet Inc. ( born June 10, 1972) ; Satya Nadella of Microsoft (born, August 19, 1967); Arvind Krishna of IBM ( born, 1962); Shantanu Narayen of Adobe Inc. ( born, May 27, 1963); Nikesh Arora of Palo Alto Networks ( born, Feb 9, 1968); Jayshree Ullal of Arista Networks (born, March 27, 1961); and now Parag Agrawal of Twitter ( born, May 21, 1984) hold the CEO positions in organisations, many like them also hold their prestigious positions in Computer/Software organisations. About 30% of Future 500 organisations boasted Indian Leadership in 2018. It may have certainly been more now. This has to be viewed as the symbol of Indians transforming themselves as ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ in America, a pride in itself.

Gone were the periods when Indians leaving their shores seeking greener pastures in foreign land dubbed as “Brain Drain” in general discussions ( foreigners termed that as “Body Shopping” sarcastically). Now every family here wants to send its child/children abroad. Americans are bewildered, dumbfounded, and even frightened at the talent of Indians.

Even though the above facts make for India’s pride, the sadness behind this cannot be erased from our memories.

While America opens its doors for external talent, we do not take advantage of the same within our country in a glaring paradox. It cannot but be blamed on the misunderstanding and short-sightedness of our leaders. The respect and living comforts/conveniences that Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella have earned are sadly absent in India – also a bitter truth.

The hard work and effort put in by Indians in America cannot be understated even as it is glaring that the same talent, hard work, and efforts would not have given similar levels of success here. It is obvious that not fostering and nurturing the capacity to think; not providing encouragement and opportunities to fructify their thoughts ; and not supporting with financial and technical resources to put to fruition combined with large scale reservations to various categories of people stifle the success while leading to the export of the ‘talented’.

We do not have as yet any Premier Technical Institution(s) ; administrative management institution(s) ; and Universities in the list of First 100 institutions of the World. If some of those from these very institutions can make a refulgent glow in their careers abroad, it only sets our thinking wrong – a reality that strikes at the face of the educators and leaders.

Globalisation has given a tremendous fillip to the educational and employment opportunities abroad. And people are certainly migrating. If this continues our dreams of becoming a “Superpower” will remain only in dreams.

The educational and professional prosperity of such people – be it in the case of Indira Nooyi or Kamala Harris or Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella – would not have been possible in India. We could neither retain them nor could utilise their wealth of knowledge in India.

India’s Loss is America’s Gain.

” Dieu avec nous”

Saturday, December 4, 2021 – 8.39 p.m. (IST).

Tidbit : ” India is a country with rich brains and unfortunately they brain drain”.

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