” People Over Power ” – February , 2023.

” Government and Industry mimic each other in terms of their hierarchical positions and related functions with the goal of providing enhanced experiences and energising people.

Companies have their CEOs ; Directors ; General Managers ; Officers ; Staff, and finally, not the least, their “Shareholders”.

Governments have each a President /Prime Prime Minister with powers according to the type of Government ; Cabinet Ministers ; Ministers of State ; Secretaries ; Deputy /Under Secretaries ; Officers ; Staff ; and finally, not the least, “Citizens”.

This is not the only similarity between the two.

If Companies hold their focus on “taking their shareholders forward”, Governments hold their focus on “taking their Citizens forward”.

If the Companies’s culture of “Shareholders First” centers around ownership, foresight, and collaboration, Governments’ culture of “People First” also centers around ownership, foresight, and collaboration.

It is clear from the above that each Citizen is a shareholder of the Company, called the Nation. If there is one thing that makes a significant difference to people’s lives it is the “Approach” adopted by the Government that lies in its “People First” goal.

Industry provides products or extends services ; fulfills the aspirations of the employees ; fulfills the essential and other requirements of the People ; creates extensions of their lines of products; enhances its branches to different geographical areas of the country and beyond ; and provide employment and livelihood to more people by increasing their efficiency and effectiveness of their scale of operations; Gains Reputation ; and raises its Long Term Sustainability (LTS). LTS is its Return on Investment (ROI) that the industry’s initiatives deliver.

Governments create Plans and Programs ; devise action plans for their implementation ; create resources (financial capital) ; provides employment opportunities to people ; delivers people services with positive results ; Gains Reputation ; and raises its Long Term Sustainability (LTS). This also strengthens the party structure of the Government which is its Return on Investment (ROI).

Performance and Reputation are the key drivers of Long Term Sustainability of both the Industry and the Government. Figure represents this.

Production in Industry and Plans & Programmes in Government need resources in terms of ‘ money’ though in different degrees. The need for Financial Capital is Key to industry, however.

Challenges of the Pandemic ; higher push for diverse, inclusive, and mentally healthy employees and citizens in both cases emphasise the importance of empathy, trust, and physiological well being of both employees and citizens. Pandemic also caused a shift in the balance of power with people getting sharper by the day in control. Relatively silent over a decade ago people now start questioning the Government and Industry vociferously. They are also hiking their demands by the day. In terms of support and compensation they have set their demands high from both the Government and the Industry, perhaps rightly so. This leads to a situation of “Resignation” for both the Government and the Industry.

The following Five factors hold the key to LTS in both the Government and the Industry to neutralize the feeling of ‘Resignation’ and strike a balance between their goals :

  1. 1. Both the Government and Industry should display the need for a shared sense of purpose strongly now than ever before. People’s understanding of the Leader’s Visionary action have grown considerably. Need for Leaders of both the Government and Industry to make the Citizens and Employees more valued is becoming high in the order of their priorities and actions as the key driver setting in motion the policies and programs.
  2. 2. A strong need for the Leaders to know their team well and experienced enough to engage with them is also growing focusing on ‘Inspirational Leadership’ in both Government and Industry. 3. Transparency and a clearly positive environment for work and living to make people feel that they are being heard, they are being supported, and they are being valued is a prime criterion for functioning in both Government and Industry.
  3. 4. Improving the community each serves is the main task. Improving employees and citizens form a big part of that.
  4. 5. Everything programmed and specified in policies, plans, communications, and partnerships by the Government and Industry need to be consistent. People hold their own yardstick to rate everything. The above Five Factors constitute a socially conscious political model of “Putting People First” which is applicable to industry in terms of “Putting Employees First”.
  5. “Bharat Jodo Yatra” undertaken by Sri Rahul Gandhi, Congress Leader, covering 12 States and 2 Union territories from Kanyakumari to Kashmir for a distance of 3570 km should strive to achieve the above goals if it has to be remembered as a successful exercise.

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