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” President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address – Voice from the God ” – February 7 , 2023.

President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address tonight. ( February 8, 2023 – 7.30 to 9.30 a.m. IST ).

Continuing and reflecting on his 2020 Election theme – battle for the soul of nation, economy built from bottom up, rebuilding the backbone of America, and Uniting the nation – he substantiated admirably with his actions in the last two years with the Acts and Projects initiated, funded, and with directions in the course of their development. He discounted strongly the thoughts of ‘conflict for conflict’, ‘power for power’, and ‘fighting for the sake of fighting’.

The essence of his talk centered around, (a) manufacturing and new technology, under the Chips Act, (b) protecting healthcare, under the Inflation Reduction Act, and (c) benefits to people through sectoral enhancements, under the Infrastructure Act.

(a) He was delighted to highlight the yeoman service that Intel corp (forerunner to the Chip revolution in America ) lent to the progress of new technology and the Nation . That this occupied his first reference in his speech on the tech companies is a special honour to the company without any doubt. From being the first inventor with the general contribution of Chips to power life with 40% benefaction overall to a disturbing 10% or less now, he emphasised his resolve and the company’s (Intel corp) efforts in reshoring and onshoring with a $100million manufacturing centre in Ohio on a 1000 acre field with 10000 jobs initiated by the company on its own even before any special allocations through bipartisan Chips Act, as extremely gratifying and remarkable. He added that about 7000 construction workers and 3000 other jobs within the industry providing an income of $ 130000/ year to even those without college degrees is nothing short of exceptional. Intel should certainly have felt emboldened and strengthened to be singled out by name and programs in President’s Speech.

About 10 million Americans applied to start new businesses in the last 2 years because of better access to capital – a sign of progress in the SME sector. While these support the fact that America can and will lead the world in manufacturing, enhancing the breadth of American products while creating more jobs.

(b) ” We are protecting your health ; you can better sleep at night ; you will pay less for prescription drugs ; patients under Medicare need not pay more than $ 2000 per year ; cuts in federal deficit by billions of dollars will not hurt seniors by even a penny ; I stand up for the seniors ; Social Security and Medicare will not be taken away anytime ; we will discuss our mutual plans further with Republicans ; 16 million more under affordable care act ” – are some of his promises under the Inflation Reduction Act. Well goaded and Citizens may be buoyed.

(c) Need for strengthening infrastructure cannot be more than emphasised to maintain our best economy at this juncture. Need for democrats and republicans to come together to connect our nation better and forge unity. There have already been 300 bipartisan legislations passed since I took charge. Founded over 20000 projects. Connecticut and Kentucky projects (bridges) were specially highlighted. Connecting the country with high speed internet through implementation of projects is another great task. His call for making all construction materials in America itself and his vision for an economy where none will be left behind have been lauded with applauses. His earnest admission that there still great tasks ahead and many things are just coming to fruition now is an excellent reflection of LEADERSHIP honestly admitting the shortcomings. He didn’t fail to focus the failure of his predecessor for adding 25% of deficit over 200 years in just his one term. Also he had his share of focus on billionaires, big pharma, and big companies underscoring strongly that no billionaire should pay tax less than a school teacher or a firefighter. He valued public trust in life.

In pirlique it can be said :

Times are tough now and it was a spirit filled speech rising to the moment without turning away. He focused on what people love and appreciate. Also with an inherent internal joy he did what he enjoyed most about his job, perhaps. He was looking at the positive things that happened amidst and also on lessons from the wrongs and mistakes made with negative comments/fallout from the analysts and public. He must have been fully recharged now, emotionally prepared himself for the tasks ahead. Those who have sat with him in the hall and those who listened may have definitely found it relaxing in life from this moment. He ended saying that “he is optimistic, hopeful, and forward looking. America is a nation based on ideas ; America is a nation with a new age of possibilities. Power of our example is strong”.

His perspectives have for sure come from the Almighty in this speech.

Tidbit : ” Public Safety needs Public Trust ; but too often Trust remains violated ” – President Joe Biden.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 – 10.15 a.m. (IST).

” Break the Fields into Divisions for Applications in ChatGPT – Management and Industrial Engineering Perspective – February 7, 2023.

ChatGPT has reinvigorated the concept of avant-garde beyond a revolutionary style in the growth of Technology. Answering questions ; writing essays, speeches, and articles ; compare and contrast opinions and philosophies held by individuals ; and even writing software codes – captivating and engaging not just specialists in education/industry but everyone from GenZers to Baby boomers with no distinction. Pros and cons are being debated. Memories of growth come galloping forward and backward.

ChatGPT can be taken to have crossed the introductory innovation stage and entered the growth/application stage now. The challenge now is to expand its growth in as many sectors as possible with the benefits reaching a large section of humanity.

I would like to place my singular effective strategy to achieve this goal linking my experience in Management and Industrial Engineering.

Management and IE specialists will always hold a special honour and gratitude to Frederick Winslow Taylor for his published work on “The Principles of Scientific Management” (1911) in which he advocated, emphasized, and favoured solving the work problems through improved management methods and raising productivity.

Businesses, modern industries, and even professional sports remain benefited from his methods even today. Taylor’s solution primarily lies in ” Breaking the Job into Elements ” and attempting to reduce the processing time of each.

When this is applied to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the ChatGPT process and results, what stays in front of our eyes is not just the Fields where OpenAI has made its presence felt already but how its growth and spread can be enhanced in the days to come.

Essentially the task lies in ” Breaking each Field into Divisions ” and applying the technique in the same manner as done for the Field.

If the Field is Marketing, then the Divisions would be ” Sales ; Segmentation ; Product LifeCycle ; Marketing Research ; and so on. If the Field is Retail, then the Divisions would be ” Supply Chain ; Inventory Management ; Logistics ; Customer Service ; and so on. If the Field is Constitution, then the Divisions would be ” Local ; Regional ; National ; Border States ; and Global. If the Field is Warfare, then the Divisions would be Army, Navy, Airforce, Infowar, Cyberwar and so on. The dataset used to train AI should relate and conform to the Divisions as specified above for accurate answers/results.

Most of you may have or may not have heard of : 1. ChatGPT, 2. Claude by Anthropic (a Constitutional AI); 3. Character AI (enabling one to speak to historians, legends, experts … to gain their views of how the world is visualised ) ; 4. Adept AI ( Intelligence by enabling humans and computers to work together creatively ); 5. Blenderbot (Meta AI Chatbot); 6. Bard ( Launched by Google to rival ChatGPT. It combines the breadth of the World’s knowledge with the power, Intelligence, and creativity of its large language models); 7. Ellie AI ( enabling e:mail communications ) ; 8. Ernie AI by the Chinese Baidu ; 9. Cohere AI ( A different approach to AI creating Application Programming Interfaces – APIs – avoiding exclusivity ; available to all in cloud platforms ; open access business model with ability to create more enterprise applications ).

What will follow now will be hundreds and thousands of Specific models that will enable easy, more accurate, and less unreliable Chatbots increasing the usage and applications through the Economy. Focus and success of AI, ML, and Data Science researchers on these aspects of Innovation and Creativity will define, direct, and guide the growth of Chatbots in sectors. This is not impossible. This will be a real game-changer. Every professional, educator, and learner will now be kept on his/her toes for months, years, decades, and more.

Tidbit : ” If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be “.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023.